Headline Special Report

The Sophisticated Media Center at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Republic of Korea

During the Asset Recovery Expert Meeting  in  Seoul, from December 4-5 2012, REQuisitoire’ s COO have the chance to visit to the “Broadcast Center” under “The Spoke Person” SPO , South Korea. Here is her notes.


It’s likely a  production house

It is quite a surprise to know that this government institution has been totally aware about the way it should deliver important information related to the institution’s policy and achievements as well as failures that will likely to happen. With this platform, the general public can hardly hold prejudice or negative assumptions on what was behind the law enforcement institution in Korea.

INTRANET and INTERNET are available so that all stakeholders can communicate even with the Attorney General himself. With these divices, communication is made easy between the top leaders at the attorney and the prosecutors as well as the employees of the attorney being far away from Seoul.

Also, to faciliate cooperations with other law enforcement institutions, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Republic of Korea has been facilitated with KOREA INTEGRATED CRIMINAL SYSTEM intranet that can be directly accessed by prosecutors, the attorney general, the Police, the Judge and the Ministry of Justice. Misdemeanors can be settled through this link while the society can make their report on officers or law enforcerment officers perceived to bring trouble to the society.

“Broadcast Center” represents a professionally managed production house equipped with various sophisticated devices that a law enforcement institution can hardly afford.

Ko, Seongsun, Deputy Director of Information and Communication Division at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Korea, explained all the systems within the SPO as well as how they work for the general public.

Sessions through the internet

Information supply concerning policies from SPO leaders is believed to answer all the polemics and questions circulating within  the society.

It is also true that defendants committing misdemeanors according to the South Korean Law can also update neccessary information and follow the trial through the internet and directly get connected to the Judge, Prosecutor, the Police and Justice Ministry

All these developments only show that law enforcement does not neccessarily become a frightening process but a social need of all the citizens that live in a technology based country.*** (Retno Kusumastuti)